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Marketing Basics

Ever heard the phrase: ‘it’s not what you say, it is how you say it.’  Effective marketing ‘awakens’ the consumer to a business product or service!

In the seemingly bygone ‘prehistoric’ era — BC, before computers, business promotions involved printing a brochure, a direct mail advertising flyer or postcard, creating a newspaper advertisement, or writing a press release, which is an informative article describing one’s business, and ‘shouting’ one’s message via large billboards situated along busy streets and highways,

The key to effective print advertising is getting the attention of a potential customer, inundated with direct mail advertising.

The objective of a marketing and PR agency in those ‘good old days’ was to help their clients to:

  • Know and understand the target market for their product or service.
  • Develop a campaign strategy to get the word out to that market.
  • Maintain a relationship with the acquired customer.
  • Keep a product name or service dominant with the consumers of such product and service.


The Digital Marketing Firm Difference

In truth, the only difference between the above marketing and PR agency and a digital marketing firm, such as Digital King, is the method of marketing.  

  • Consumers of goods and services no longer ‘let their fingers do the walking’ through the yellow pages of a landline phone directory. Today’s consumer’s fingers are prone to ‘point and click’ rather than ‘walk’ at the myriad of Google and Facebook ads found on the Internet using mobile phones!
  • Consumers in today’s market are now influenced by SEO, Search Engine Optimization, keywords found in web content, blogs, and online ads.
  • Where once the billboards loomed over the heavily trafficked street corners offering bus stops and coffee shops, digital domains now dominate as hosts to persons who chat via social media sites. Facebook plays host to an average of 2.3 billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users), YouTube, 1.9 billion MAUs, Messenger, once a messaging feature of Facebook, now a stand-alone app for businesses, supports 1.3 billion MAUs.  The well-known Instagram, a photo and video sharing social media platform, boasts of 1 billion MAUs!  Twitter, used for news, entertainment, sports, and politics, has 335 million MAUs!

As a print advertising and marketing agency once relied upon and ruled advertising based on the dominance of such print media as newspapers and magazines, brochures, direct mail postcards, flyers, and catalogs, a digital marketing firm relies heavily on the ever-expanding worldwide web to connect business services to consumers!  Navigating the worldwide web requires digital expertise in online marketing that puts websites to a better hierarchical standing.

The Digital King Difference

Print advertising firms are preferred for local business persons seeking to connect with close-to-home community neighbors. At the same time, the digital marketing firm provides significant outreach beyond regional boundaries. The digital marketing firm, Digital King, brings about many successful connections between targeted consumers and business clients on the worldwide web through their understanding of the complex system of Google digital algorithms capable of retrieving information results on airplanes through zebras from Google’s search index data.  This digital understanding is then applied in their Google Ad management, SEO marketing, and Facebook Ads management services.

Google Ad Management: Google Ads Management, previously called Google Adwords, involves PPC,
pay-per-click advertising. Google Ad management requires knowledge of the Google Account Structure, creating ad campaigns relating to the product to be sold, and using online analytic tools to track the demographics of who is engaging with web content.

SEO MarketingAnother essential service in digital marketing is SEO marketing. Keeping it simple: the objective of SEO marketing strategies is to improve the organic web traffic to your website. As in print advertising, the aim is to ensure customer relationships are maintained and the product or service remains dominant in the consumer’s mind. According to HubSpot, a contact relationship management app (CRM), 75% of searchers never go past the first page of their search results. Therefore, a successful SEO marketing strategy will have a website ranking in Google’s top 10 results for your targeted keywords. The Digital King digital marketing consultants assist their clients in the best use of SEO in web content, blogs, and ad keywords.

Facebook Ads Management:  The objective of Facebook advertising is to gain leads and bring the leads to conversions for your business. Besides creating the ad, the Facebook advertising campaign, and getting a lead, a key strategy in Facebook Ads Management involves re-targeting ads towards a targeted audience known and interested in your brand. Also crucial in Facebook Ads Management is ensuring Facebook ads are ‘mobile-friendly’ to the 96% of Internet users of Smartphones and tablets.

Remember, it’s not what you say — it’s how you say it!  Effective online marketing ‘awakens’ the consumer to a business product or service — and that begins with Digital King!

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